"Big Selections & Friendly people"

I have been going to Gardenia Foods since they open and every time I find great selections of foods with well knowledgeable and friendly staff. Thank you for your kindness.

"Simply Amazing"

Simply amazing. They sourced their beef and lamp from a certified Halal local slaughterhouse and the chicken breast is fresh and cleaned. I visit Gardenia Foods twice a week and I leave happy every time. Thank you

"Fresh, Fresh and Fresh"

Every time I shop at Gardenia Foods I got fresh, well cut and well stored meat. Their prices are very reasonable. Definitely will recommend Gardenia Foods to my friends.

"Excellent Butcher"

 A superb addition to the neighborhood -- as it would be to any neighborhood. This is an excellent butcher, serving well-selected products, beautifully cut. The shop seems to specialize in ethically raised meat, and the selection reflects a real sensitivity to providing food of the highest quality to customers who will appreciate the care taken. 

"Great Service & Friendly people"

Gardenia Foods convenient location, fresh meat, large selections of prepared foods, and reasonable prices make it my first choice when it comes to ethnic food. Heads up and thank you for your advice and honesty.

"Ethnic with Excellent Food"

Finally had the time to write some words for this awesome store! EXCELLENT customer service. If you ever close by take the chance to check out this Mediterranean ethnic store take my word you will never regret! Their prices are convenient, don't miss their Shawarma! They have good deal for roasted chicken, Kubba & Kebab too!

Thanks guys